Essay on Job Design For Employee Resentment

Essay on Job Design For Employee Resentment

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Job design
Conceivably it may not be what is done on a day to day basis, but of the nature of the job itself. There is an expectation that by creating a job with a high job satisfaction that employees will naturally be motivated to perform at the highest. Michaelson (2014) extends this view by expressing the significance of making the nature of the job to be meaningful to fully gauge the employee. This is seen to directly impact the employees need for recognition as they believe that their job is making a difference. May (2014) supports Michaelson’s view revealing that the morale and motivation of an employee in a job of poor design could result in employee resentment. Suri (2007) then goes onto conclude how this drop in motivation could cause a drop in organisational performance.
Although Theory Y relates to maintaining a high job satisfaction, Hertzberg’s Hygiene factors also has positive influences on motivation. In some organisations the alteration of the job role is illogical as it only slightly improves the performance of intrinsically motivated employees. By ensuring that an organisation tailors it’s working conditions towards the employee, could provide comfort for an employee and thus increases the employee’s satisfaction. Recker (2013) supports this viewpoint implying how the jobs environment could play a significant role in the workers need for recognition. Whilst a large portion of Hertzberg’s Hygiene factors relates to tangible extrinsic factors, an arguably more important aspect is the intangible intrinsic motivators as they are harder to control. Lacey (2015) considers these factors and it could be suggested that creating a positive atmosphere and company ethos could be a relatively cheap method in managing perform...

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Excellence orientated differed as much of the theory related to McGregor’s Theory Y which appreciates the employee’s need for job satisfaction and development. By achieving such needs, it was considered that workers efficiency would rise with their motivation. This tailored to the costly deployment of impressive job design and coaching. Although meeting the needs of the employee, it can be argued that Theory Y neglects organisational performance if employee’s efficiency fails to rise.
Due to the contrasting ideal, a compromise was considered between both methods which involved the use of Locke’s Goal Theory and Vroom’s Expectancy Theory. It can be confidently suggested, after reviewing personal experiences that both these theories can be successfully employed to attain a combination of high organisational performance and an appeal to the employee.

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