Job Description and Person Specification: Business Manager Essay

Job Description and Person Specification: Business Manager Essay

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Job Description and Person Specification
Job Identification

Title: Business Manager
Accountable to: Chief Executive and Registrar
Reports to: Chief Executive and Registrar
Location: 83 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0HW
Salary: £42,000 per annum
Contract: 6 month probationary period, after which the position will be reviewed against agreed objectives and made permanent, if satisfactory.
Hours of employment: 35 hours per week from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Line management: Registration & Website Officer, Finance Officer and Administrative Assistant (subject to change as the organization develops and
increases in size)
Job Summary

To manage the operational business of the organization, servicing the Board and its committees and producing financial reports as required.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Ensuring the effective flow of work between the component parts of CNHC, including servicing of the Board and its Committees
• Ensuring compliance with the various legislative and regulatory requirements affecting CNHC and its activities
• Ensuring that the routine day-to-day work of CNHC is managed efficiently and that effective office systems are established, maintained and regularly reviewed
• Managing the website and register and its ongoing development and improvement
• Managing the process and contributing to the development of annual plans/reports, budgets and targets
• Establishing measurable standards for all office functions, for example, the timely and appropriate management of enquiries, both professional and administrative
• Developing and implementing Human Resources policies

Specific Responsibilities

1. Administration Management
• Ensure the CNHC office is effe...

... middle of paper ...

... commissioning and managing work by external suppliers Desirable
9. Highly numerate with a keen eye for detail and a passion for accuracy in written and financial reports
10. Good oral and written communication skills with an ability to engage effectively with a range of stakeholders, both within and outside the organization
11. Discretion in the handling of politically sensitive and confidential information
12. Ability to use standard Microsoft packages (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and other database packages
Other Attributes
13. Flexible attitude to working environment and ability to work as part of a small and dynamic team
14. Ability to work on own initiative and to be proactive in developing and improving the administration functions of CNHC

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