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Job As A Registered Nurse Essay

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The Reality of having a Job as a Registered Nurse in Today’s Global Economy
Having a job as a nurse is not as bad as everyone makes it. As advertised, nurses, are always a good source to keep around in any situation. Many people would agree that “there isn’t enough nurses in the world”. People value their health and nursess help them in the right direction to health. Nursing is one of the fastest growing and largest fields in the country. What people fail to realize is the amount of hard work and education it took the doctor or nurse to get where they are now.
If you want to become a registered nurse, first you must be good in Math and Science. And get accepted to college and go for a bachelor’s degree of science in nursing and graduate. Then, you must take an exam called the Medical College Admission Test or MCAT, this is a test required for the admission into medical school. After you graduate from medical school, you must complete a three year training program at a hospital before you can start your own practice. At this time, you will be learning and interacting with patients hands-on and will be getting most of the necessary assistance you need to prepare you to practice on your own. And after you complete the required three years of the training program, if you want to practice medicine, you must obtain medial licensure. You will do this by taking the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE). This is just the basics for becoming a children’s doctor.
You also must deal with other non-educational barriers. For instance, the barrier of being a woman. People usually want and trust men doctors more than women. But with working with children, the child will feel more comfortable with seeing a doctor who is a woman; which in ...

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...o reduce the shortage. Higher wages would help the shortage because it could affect the recruitment and retention of nurses already in the work force. Increasing the number of minorities who become nurses could strengthen the supply of nurses and have additional benefit of improving delivery of culturally sensitive care. Also, hiring foreign nurses would be another way to address the nurse shortage. In the past, hospitals have relied on foreign nurses, most of them then, brought to the United states with temporary work visas. And lastly, improving the image of nursing. Nurses should be encouraged to communicate more frequently with the press about the positive aspects of nursing. They also need to speak at schools and try to encourage the younger generation to become nurses. These are just suggested solutions. The outcome is looking very positive, in the near future.

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