Job Analysis : Job Description Essay

Job Analysis : Job Description Essay

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Job Analysis
Prior to any job being created, an analysis must be conducted. Thus, the completion of this analysis will provide the employer and employees with the significant aspects that are attributed to the creation of the respective job. Some of the significant aspects that the analysis would include are, but not limited, the essential functions (tasks) of the job, to the tools and resources required to perform the job, and its working conditions. All in all, this job analysis’ goal is to elucidate the ideal candidate for the job from the employer’s perspective through the two criteria: job description and person (job) specification.
Job Description
Succeeding the completion of the completion of the job analysis requires a written narrative of the actual job that includes the duties and responsibilities associated with the job that is commonly referred to as a job description. An effective job description would communicate the reporting relationships and working conditions from the employer to the employee. A few attributes that comprises of a job description include a brief summary of the main and occasional duties and responsibilities of the job, whom the employee reports to, any special working conditions, and a few other items.
Importance. “Job descriptions are typically part of an organization’s recruitment materials to inform potential candidates about the requirements and responsibilities of the job being filled” (Gully & Phillips, 2015). Considered as the motherboard of the organization, a job description provides both employees and employers with important information. From an employee perspective, a job description narrates what the organization expects from the employee and the basis of performance evaluation...

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... a very sensitive topic because society is aware of the benefits and consequences one can endure with data. Moreover, associating the term big with data can mean that there are some information that should not be readily accessible that unfortunately is.
In order to eradicate the fear of “big data”, there should be training programs in place that would explain this concept further. Through these trainings, it would be ideal if the link between conceptual advantages and organizational success is made, so that employees will have the mindset that this is a concept that would make data integration and management tasks more accessible and manageable. All in all, the Internet is a massive medium with an infinitive amount of information that is readily accessible at one’s leisure. If used appropriately and effectively, one would be able to maximize its full capabilities.

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