Job Analysis for Salesperson at Interclean

Job Analysis for Salesperson at Interclean

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Job Analysis for Salesperson at Interclean

At Interclean, our people give us our major competitive advantage( Our employees are a vital part of an organization that is continuously growing ( For the company to keep growing it is important that a job analysis be conducted to have the opportunity to make sure employees are in the jobs that fit them best, and if not to put them where they are best suited. Job performance and the interview method determined this job analysis. These two approaches were used to determine the primary functions of the job description for the sales force. The interview process is a very important part of the analysis due to the information that is provided by the employee. The type of information usually given in an interview from the employee is how productive the employee is, what type of personality they have and if they will be a team player. Through interview process the requirements for the job performance is built. The job performance method is an essential part of the analysis. It helps provide insight to the training that is needed and the development of tests for each employee.
Job Duties and Specifications
-Bachelor’s Degree required
-Customer Service skills necessary
-Must be knowledgeable in company products and services and must be able to understand client needs relating to the business.
-Leadership and Communication skills
-Achieve goals set by management.
-Organizational skills to achieve goals that are set forth each month
-Must be a team player
-Generate leads and thorough follow up
-Willing to educate self on competition to maintain competitive edge
-Time management skills
-Manage multiple clients
-Must know Powerpoint, Excel, spreadsheets, databases, word processing applications, and Office integration software
Development Plan for Sales Force
Talent Inventory
Employee Name and Current Position-Janet Durham,VP of Human Resources(Interclean) Prior Experience (Internal) 15 years in positions in sales and human resource
Prior Experience (External) Unknown
Strengths pragmatic and interested in using technology
Weakness loyal to long time employees and is a defender of status quo
Employee Name and Current Position-Tom Jennings, VP of Marketing (Interclean)
Prior Experience (Internal) 1 year as VP of Marketing
Prior Experience (External) Unknown
Strengths strategic system planning
Weakness lacks patience

Employee Name and Current Position-Sam Waters, Chief of Compliance (Interclean)
Prior Experience (Internal) 2 years a Chief of Compliance
Prior Experience (External) Unknown

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Strengths holds a law degree
Weakness N/A

Employee Name and Current Positions-Carol Stanley, Internal Consultant (Interclean)
Prior Experience (Internal) Unknown how long she has been a consultant at Interclean
Prior Experience (External) Unknown
Strengths she is thorough in her research
Weakness N/A

Employee Name and Current Positions-Sally Lindley, CEO of EnviroTech
Prior Experience (Internal) Unknown how long she has been CEO
Prior Experience (External) Unknown
Strengths well connected to key state and national elected officials Florida and she is driven to succeed

Employee Name and Current Positions-Eric Borden, Senior Sales Specialist (Envirotech)
Prior Experience (Internal) veteran employee with a combined 30 years with two other sales specialist
Prior Experience (External) Unknown
Strengths leadership skills and service knowledge
Weakness Unknown

Employee Name and Current Positions-Ving Hsu, Senior Sales Specialist (Envirotech)
Prior Experience (Internal) veteran employee with a combined 30 years with two other sales specialist
Prior Experience (External) Unknown
Strengths leadership skills and service knowledge
Weakness Unknown

Employee Name and Current Positions-Terry Garcia, Senior Sales Specialist (Envirotech)
Prior Experience (Internal) veteran employee with a combined 30 years with two other sales specialist
Prior Experience (External) Unknown
Strengths leadership skills and service knowledge
Weakness Unknown

Interclean is moving in a new direction to get ahead of the competition. In doing this, a new sale’s team will be selected. The goal is to choose a new sale’s team and provide them with the tools to succeed in the company.
A review of the sales force data should be taken into consideration when evaluating whom should be chosen and where the sale’s team needs training. Each field is important in the selection starting with the compliance and regulatory skills. This field is important because the sale’s team must know the state and federal compliance standards for sanitation, waste disposal, chemical usage, and environmental clean up, updates on state and regional compliance issues, legal regulations regarding cleaning and sanitation, industry standards, and understanding industry compliance concerns. Clients need to feel secure in knowing they have someone to go to with his or her questions. This is something that the team can be trained on. In the data for the sales force at Interclean the majority of the team was in the 35th percentile and the majority of Envirotech employees are in the 90th percentile. This is a big difference. All employees should be above the 50th percentile in all areas that will help Interclean succeed. Contract related skills are essential to the business. This is important for the sale’s team to be trained on because they have to know how to bid, be able to estimate contract costs, understand contract administration and tracking, proposal development and contract renewal issues. Most employees in both companies are at the 50th percentile. They will need some training to bring them above the 50th percentile. In the direction that Interclean is going, customer service skills are a necessity to be successful. This skill is a skill an employee either possess or doesn’t posses. If an employee does not have customer service skills he or she should be re-evaluated. Leadership skills are another skill an employee has or doesn’t have. If he or she does not have this skill he or she should be re-evaluated. Communication skills can be taught. The majority of Interclean’s sales force is in the 50th percentile in communication. At Envirotech half of the sales force was in the 75th percentile and that was the lowest. Since communication skills can be taught other aspects will need to be looked at when choosing which employees to put on the new sales team. Computer skills and annual training completed should be looked at but should not determine who is chosen for the new sales team. In order to have a successful sale’s team, there will need to be adequate training in how to communicate, contract related skills, computer, and compliance and regulation skills. If all team members succeed in every aspect of training the company will definitely have the competitive edge.
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