Joan of Arc: Saint, or the Devils Right Hand Women? Essay

Joan of Arc: Saint, or the Devils Right Hand Women? Essay

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There was a prophesy that France would be ruined by a woman and restored by a virgin from the borders of Lorraine (Portraits of a Saint). Joan of Arc was born in 1492 in the small town called Domremy, a village east of France as a peasant. She helped feed animals and take care of their farm. At this time the long hundred year war between the French and English were raging, her father often told her of the poor condition of France, and that the English had almost all of the land under control. The country of France was divided, with the Bergundian Territory aligning themselves with the English. Joan constantly thought about and pitied her poor country, she was a Christian so she probably prayed; she was not taught to read and write but her mother instilled in her a deep love of her faith in the Catholic religion.
Then finally her prayers were answered with the voice of god himself. At the age of 13 the voice of god said “Joan you can deliver the land from the English. Go to the relief of king Charles” after three repeated times hearing the voice she was convinced it was her mission to save France. These same voices told Joan to preserve her virginity and lead a holy life and to dedicate herself to serving God to lead her country to a liberation from the English. After this she felt the need to share with her parents, friends, and priest. All of which told her they were no more than glorious dreams. In about two weeks she had them all convinced that Joan was a chosen savior for France, with the belief of the chosen savior the wealthy decided to kick in on helping Joan with money and supplies for the trip to Chinon. Joan asked her uncle for help in her mission and together they went to Vaucouleurs to gain support by gaini...

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...gth in self and faith to stand up with the power of God knowing already that she was going to die. Burning at the stake for what she believed fueled her country and now her heroism lives on in art and writings.

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