Jinnah And Pakist Pakistan Essay

Jinnah And Pakist Pakistan Essay

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Jinnah and Pakistan
Jinnah demanded Pakistan because Islam and Hinduism were two different religions socially and politically. He feared the discrimination of Muslims in Hindu dominated India and therefore he demanded Pakistan where Muslims will dominate. However, in his speeches he made after independence, he urged all citizens of newly formed Pakistan, despite their religious backgrounds, to work together. After Partition, Mohammad Ali Jinnah viewed Pakistan to become a democratic nation where all religious minorities would have equal rights, the state would be socially progressive and constitutionally modern. Although Jinnah did not have any specific particular plan for the new state he was creating, his vision of the country can be traced from his secular style speeches. His secular vision of Pakistan got him lots of criticism from religious leaders who opposed the idea of a democratic and a secular Pakistan and claimed he was irreligious.
Jinnah was trained in British institutions that promoted legal constitutional framework. For this reason, “Jinnah’s secular vision for Pakistan was embedded in the state’s British-derived Constitution”. Jinnah became the first Governor General and the Speaker of the National Assembly. He also chose to be the speaker of the Constituent Assembly and the head of the Muslim league. After Pakistan was created, Jinnah obtained a lot of political power for himself. Most importantly the process of creating and progressing the constitution was under his supervision. The affairs of the state were also under the influence and control of Jinnah. Normally, the prime minister, who was Liaquat Ali Khan, and the federal cabinet were supposed to control such affairs. Mohammad Ali Jinnah was also in c...

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...he military viewed Kashmir as a strategic and security threat. The issue of water control was very important to the army and they recognized the problem as a matter of survival and adherence of the newly formed state. If India-controlled Kashmir, then it would control all the rivers flowing to both India and Pakistan. It could also establish military bases in the northern parts of Pakistan.The Pakistan army wanted to succor the Kashmiri liberation movement, however, they viewed it as a guerrilla warfare struggle. The Pakistan army believed the Kashmiris would have to struggle for it themselves. However, this did not stop Pakistan from supporting the militants in Kashmir. They wanted India to strife and bleed, however, they didn’t want to dislocate Kashmir from Indian occupation. The army military strategy in Kashmir is just to embarrass India in international forums.

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