Jihadists and their religious and political affects Essay

Jihadists and their religious and political affects Essay

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Jihad is a term that is often misunderstood, and it is usually associated with militant and radical groups, which cause chaos in the environment. The Arabic word is usually translated to mean holy war and it is usually accepted as holy. However, some scholars say that there is no such thing in Islam. A holy war is fought to force other people to accept some doctrines, and it is not accepted at all by the Muslims. According to the word “jihad,” it means struggling to survive, and it is applicable to many levels be it socially at an individual level. The efforts can be spiritual, physical, economic, or at times political. For instance, one of the most important aspects of a jihad is standing before a tyrant and confessing the truth about something which affects people, specifically restraining people from doing wrong. Also, the term jihad is a broad term that involves deterring all forms of evil in the society and opposing all the injustices by peaceful means and also using military in the battlefield where people are oppressed. Jihad is not usually synonymous with war and it is not involved in any war involving terrorism, even though some criminals do that (Carlson 44). The term Jihad does involve war, but it is to enforce what the religion teaches and what the policies advocate.
The concept of jihad is life and vastness, and it is no way limited to armed conflict and other ways may be used just as initially stated. According to the Quran, there are different ways in which one can express jihad. One expresses Quran by; inviting the truth, using the best arguments, presenting evidence, and clarification if needed. There is also jihad of the soul, which involves striving to purify ones soul, which involves purifying oneself throug...

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...lling them. This allows terrorists to proceed with killing, destruction, bad religious view for jihadists, because people are blinded and can’t open there own eyes.

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