Jfk : A Abnormal Childhood Essay

Jfk : A Abnormal Childhood Essay

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JFK had a abnormal childhood, with a life threatening disease that could kill him all thought his child But it started all on his birth. JFK was born on May 29, 1917 in the state of brookline, massachusetts, United States. His parents gave him the name John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
Throughout his life he suffered from chronic stomach disorders, recurrent venereal disease, debilitating back problems, common and severe allergic reactions. All the time he had Addison’s disease. Addison’s disease is the not working adrenal glands. After the doctors found that JFK had Addison’s disease, the doctors gave him cortisone and steroid injections. The medication that the doctors gave him, gave him some puffiness in face, and gave him tan skin.
JFK had to suffer with the Addison’s disease all throughout schooling. First he when to a high school called Choate in Connecticut. As he went to Choate he gained a reputation as a prankster. He also was not doing good in school, he had bad grades all year.
Next was college he attended Princeton for a semester but left because of the his Addison’s disease. He enrolled to London School of Economics but he never went. The final College was Harvard. He enrolled in the fall of 1936. This time in school he was know as a ladies man. He was good at swimming and golf. But during a football practice he ruptured a spinal disk. When he was in the hospital he wrote a book called “Profiles in courage”. The book won the Pulitzer Prize award in 1937.
JFK had a big family with many siblings that he spent summers with. He had nine brothers and sisters. Joseph Jr. or Joe Jr., JFK , Rosemary, Kathleen, Eunice, Patricia, Robert, Jean and Edward. Out of the nine JFK was the second one born. The oldes...

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... recover. The bullet came from a 6th floor corner store window of the Texas School Book Depository. The vice president Lyndon B. Johnson became president 2 hours after JFK’s assassination at 2:30. He got buried at Arlington National Cemetery on November 25, 1963 three days after his assassination.
Some facts about JFK. JFK held office for 1,037 days. Other people that could of been in his assassination was the KGB, the Mafia. Thought his presidency he was forced into crutches several times because of his back. His assassination was on live T.V. Lee Harvey Oswald got shot by a nightclub owner as he walk out of a building with a escort. JFK rent a home named Glen Ora in middleburg, Virginia for his wife because she wanted some horses. The government made a coin with his face on it after one month after his death the coin was named the half dollar or 50 cents.

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