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From 1880 to 1920 anti-Jewish movements were still active and causing Jews to emigrate from countries such as Russia and Poland to the United States, Latin America, and Canada. A thriving Jewish community still resided in Europe until Adolf Hitler initiated the holocaust at the end of the 1930’s (Molloy 319). Adolf Hitler’s hatred towards the Jews was based on racism and on fear that the Jewish people had a conspiracy against the German government. This racism and paranoia led to the neglect and then persecution of millions of Jews. The holocaust resulted in the deaths of twelve million innocent people -- six million of which were Jews (Molloy 320).
Because of the holocaust and other anti-Jew movements, the Jewish people began to desire a separate and safe Jewish nation; this movement was called Zionism and was this separate nation was called the state of Israel. This idea was sparked by writer Theidir Herzl’s book, The Jewish State, and became a reality in 1948 when the United Nations divided the British Mandate of Palestine and give half to the Jewish people. The other half of land was given to the Palestines; this division of land resulted in violent animosity between the Jews and the Palestines that has continued to this day.
There are two epicenters of Jewish life today -- the United States and Israel. While many modern-day Jews live secular lifestyles, many Jews still hold to traditional Jewish lifestyles (Molloy 321). According to Michael Molloy’s book, Experiencing the World’s Religions, the beliefs at the core of Judaism are “belief in God,” “belief in the words of the prophets,” “belief that God gave the law to Moses,” “belief that that the Messiah, the savior sent by God, will come someday,” and “the belief that there ...

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...German (Molloy 332).
The four main religious sections of Judaism are Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism, Reform Judaism, and Reconstructionist Judaism (Molloy 333). Orthodox Judaism is the most traditional group; among other traditional customs, they believe in the separation of males and females for many religious activities. Orthodox Jews hold on tightly to the traditional approach to life -- it often brings them happiness (Molloy 333). Conservative Jews are more open to change but still want to preserve their important traditions. Reform Judaism, strongly inspired by the famous thinker, Moses Mendelssohn, calls on Jews to question their beliefs and practices; this group of Jews is far less traditional than Orthodox or Conservative, founded by Mordecai Kaplan encouraged Jews to be aware tradition without requiring them to follow these practices (Molloy 335).

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