Jewish People and The Holocaust Essay

Jewish People and The Holocaust Essay

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There was a time, not too long ago, when jews were mistreated and thought to be inferior. This time was called the Holocaust. It was started by a man named Adolf Hiitler. He was a young boy who had grown up in Austria with his mom and dad.

He got older and both of his parents had died. Hitler fought in the German Army during World War I. He was injured twice. The first time he was injured, it was an easy recovery and he was fighting again. Adolf Hitler was injured yet again, but this time his eye was badly wounded.

It took Hitler longer to recover and he was almost blind. He soon heard that Germany had surrendered. Hitler was outraged and promised that he would make Germany a powerful country. This is what began the Holocaust.

At first Hitler was trown in jail and wrote the book Mein Kampf, meaning my struggle. Once he was out of jail, he tried agian and the people loved him. Finally, in 1933, he became chancellor. This was what truly started the Holocaust.

The Holocaust happened around the same time as World War II. This affected everyone, but Adolf Hitler had a special list of people that he called the undesirables. These people included Jews, Gypsies, and many more. Hitler knew the specific names of people on the undesirables list because he looked at records. But when that place burnt down, they looked at the names.

Anyone who had two letter ls next to each other in their name were considered jewish. many poeple went into hiding in hopes of not being found by Hitler or his allies. if they were they were put into transit, death, or concentration camps. Once in the camps, most never made it out. They were either put in gas chambers, died of a disease, or starved to death. Even though only undesirables were put in ...

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...happened to Peter.

Anne and Margot are taken back into Germany to another death camp. Later, Mrs. VanDaan is there with them. But sadly, Mrs. Frank had died in her second camp. Margot, Anne, and Mrs. VanDaan died in the third camp just a few months before their camp is liberated.

Mr. Frank was the only one in the secret annex who made it back. Miep gave him Anne's journal that had been taken from her before she left. He created an Anne Frank foundation where he took words from Anne's diary and taught the youth to accept people for who they are.

This is why we study the Holocaust, to teach us that we should accept each other. We are who we want to be. Everyone needs to see something from someone else's perspective. We must remember and learn about the Holocaust, so that we can avoid doing the wrong thing. The wrong thing can hurt everybody, not just you.

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