Jewish Nation and Religious Persecution Essay

Jewish Nation and Religious Persecution Essay

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While religion has the power to draw people together, it can also tear people apart. Throughout history, the Jewish nation has been plagued by persecution as a result of their religion. In Medieval times, the Jews faced blood libels and crusades. If they were to convert, then they would become accepted members into society; however, if they were to remain true to their religious ideals they would be killed. In modern Europe, Jews faced struggles such as Emancipation and the Holocaust. All they wanted was to become accepted in society; however instead they were mistreated and eventually massacred. This all leads up to Jewish life in America, something drastically different than the pattern that has remained constant for centuries. Through the American ideals such as freedom of speech and religion, Jews were able to prosper. No longer were Jews confined to being the people they were expected to be; rather, they had the freedom to establish their own identity. Throughout history, the Jews have been a nation persecuted simply for being Jewish; however, American Jews lived in a society which allowed them to rid themselves of this stigma, and thus become active participants in society.
In contrast to Jewish life in America, medieval life was treacherous for Jews as they were persecuted merely for their religious beliefs and as a result, were not able to assimilate into society. Both the Christian and Muslim communities subverted the Jews until the point where they became resigned to accepting their fate in society. In fact, for those who resisted being defined by their religion, death was a certainty. “They mistreated them, beat them, and tortured them, hoping that they would exchange their glorious religion for something worthless, bu...

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... the precedent in the modern world, accepting people of all religions and all races without thinking twice. If it weren’t for America, many of the persecuted people’s of the world wouldn’t be here today.

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