The Jewish Holocaust And The Nazi Party Essay

The Jewish Holocaust And The Nazi Party Essay

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Beginning January 30, 1933, when Adolph Hitler came into power as the chancellor of Germany, the nation began to see the first signs of the most destructive ethnic cleansings of European history. Hitler, as well as the Nazi party, held the belief that those of the Jewish population had diluted the pure German economy and culture. Through a series of political actions and explicit propaganda, Hitler and the Nazi party created an onslaught of anti-Semitic racism with the claim that the Aryan race, or Germans, was supreme in all aspects. The Jewish Holocaust was a genocidal event that included a series of racist persecutions, involving every imaginable violence, not ending until May 8, 1945, with the help of allied forces. Ultimately, the Jewish Holocaust ended with an unthinkable death toll of over six million people belonging to the Jewish faith, with over one million of those deaths being children, and the destruction of more than five thousand Jewish communities. Those dead equaled a total of two-thirds of the entire European Jewish population and one-third of the world’s total Jewish population.
The German Empire was founded January 18, 1871, at Versailles following France’s defeat during the Franco-Prussian War, with Prussia becoming the dominant state of the newly formed Empire. Subsequent to the assassination of Austria’s crown prince in June of 1914, World War I had begun. In November 1919, after four years of fighting, an armistice ended the war and returned the troops to their homeland. During this time, Emperor Wilhelm II and all reigning princes abdicated their thrones, and the following year (1919) Germany’s new political leadership signed the Treaty of Versailles. With the signed treaty, Germany accepted defeat by...

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...s chambers.
The Nazi party’s strict idea of nationalism and the persecution against the Jewish communities held many common variables to the persecution of other groups throughout history, such as the Native Americans during American colonialism, whose conquest ideals were also based in racism and in the attempt to create a more uniform nation. Similar the Jewish holocaust, the event culminated in millions of deaths. But “Nazi violence was anything but uniform… the Nazis persecuted, murdered, enslaved, humiliated, subjugated Europeans in many different ways depending on which racial status the Nazis assigned to them.” The profound discrimination that took place in the attempts to purify not only the Aryan race, but the entire German nation was an event that changed history and where “the massive human losses are justified as casualties of the ‘civilising mission’.”

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