Jewish History in Sydney, Australia Essay

Jewish History in Sydney, Australia Essay

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Jews have been through many experiences in their history, some of which were tragic and others jubilant. Today, the Jewish people are facing the period of exile (Galut). Did you ever wonder how there are Jews almost everywhere in the world? Don’t you ever wonder how they arrived there or why they arrived? In this essay, you will explore the Jewish life of a particular place, in the modern era. This essay will focus on one particular place which is Australia. More specifically, this essay will focus on Sydney, Australia. It will discuss the pull and push factors of Australia and the Australian community today.
Australia is a unique country. It’s one of the only countries that its founders were Jews. Furthermore, it’s the country consisting of the most Holocaust survivors in the world. (Shyovitz, David) Australian Jews have been around for over two centuries, and are rapidly growing bigger. In these days and also back then, the majority of the Jews lived in Melbourne or Sydney. There are approximately 112,000 Jews are living in Australia, according to the article “Shalom Life” (Marcusa, Anthony) The history of the Jews in Australia, initially started in the 18th century, when people were deported as convicts from the United Kingdom. Around 8 to 14 of them were Jewish. (Shyovitz, David) The Jewish Convicts in Australia, began building a Jewish community with synagogues. The first Synagogue was built in Sydney. This attracted more Jews around the world to immigrate to Australia. In the 1850’s, the gold rushes attracted European migrants which resulted in a demographic change. Jewish immigrants dealt with gold commercial trade and setting up stores beside the mining route ("Jewish Life in Australia."). During the late nineteenth centu...

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...stinguished organizations in Australia is the Zionist Federation of Australia. To sum up, Australian Jewry supports Israel very much and has a very strong connection to Israel.

In conclusion, Jewish Life in Australia back then and now was remarkable. Australian Jews should be proud of the community that they have created and organized for the future generations to come. From the beginning, Australia was an amazing place for Jews.

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