The Jewish Genocide in World War II Essay

The Jewish Genocide in World War II Essay

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Genocide is a reality that has ended millions of family trees, changing the course of the future and leaving a massive mark that the human race can never forget. The word genocide was created to describe the mass murdering of the Jewish people along with Slavic, Romanians, Greeks, African-Europeans, homosexuals, and mentally or physically disabled people. This certain genocide was named The Holocaust, or “Sacrifice by Fire” (Holocaust Facts). There are also more recent genocides, like the Rwandan Genocide located in Africa, a land where warlords and murderers control whole countries and kill there people for sport, or their beliefs. But let us focus on the Holocaust, a Genocide where one man and his fellow officers was capable of killing 11 million people with their influence on the German people, all the while fighting a war on two fronts between the Allies, like the British, Canadian, and American forces from the west, and the might of the Soviet Union in the east.
Let’s start from the beginning. During the 1939’s, the segregation of the Jews from the German people was apparent. Germans could not shop at Jewish shops. Jews had to wear a Star of David to show that they were Jewish. If they were to pass German soldiers or any German citizen, they had to step off the sidewalk and take their hats off and wait for them to pass. As things progressed into the 1940’s, and Germany fell into war with the Allies, Jews saw much more punishment. They were put into ghettos and given small portions of food. They had no idea, but the Nazi Party had begun to build camps to isolate the Jews from the German people. These camps turned into murdering facilities, where they gassed, shot, and ultimately almost exterminated an entire religion. 6 mil...

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...ill have to go to war to free the people, which many countries these days would like to avoid. That means that the civilians have to make a choice to do the right thing, to not take arms against their neighbors, Friends, or even families, purely because they believe in something different or they have a different view on things. In the future, genocide should never occur again because by then people should be more aware of the presence of evil and know how to take the right steps to avoid being consumed by that evil.

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