Essay on The Jewish Community

Essay on The Jewish Community

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Race. Gender. Culture. In society, people are different, but we always consider ourselves equal, free, and importance for humankind. Diversity, is a valuable connection to express our values, beliefs, and opinions. Every second or minute, humanity brings diversity to a new different level of communication, as each individual made an important contribution to improve social, economy, and politics of the nation. The Jewish community may have some terrible memories during WWII and have some problems in the 21st century, but being a Jew is a part of an extraordinary experience with many beliefs and values.
In modern day, the basic definition of a Jewish person, is a person that believes in Judaism and determine to change the world by using their religious beliefs, culture, or values in Israel. Jewish people only have one god, also treated with respect and nobility to their creator. In addition, the Jewish community contains the Star of David, which described “as a badge to distinguish Jew from Christian”, as it displays their soul being connected with God in different dimensions (Spicer 208). However, many Jews from Israel, called themselves Secular, which they don’t believe in God or any beliefs of Judaism (Question 1).
My name is Gavriel Agar and I am Jewish. Every day, I have a schedule to express and praised my God, but first I have to take a shower, get dressed, or do anything before I go to the synagogue, which the Jewish community have to pray together till the sun rises. During the prayer, I always look at the first candle being lightened up, it gives me a precious connection to my god and only. After I finished my first item in my agenda, I have to go to the study hall to learn more about the Torah, I wish I can translate the...

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...ving a diverse world, creates an important role for communication, because it allows us to produce new relationships with different perspectives. In reality, we might have some social, political, or economic challenges in our lives, but we have to overcome them by ignoring, fight back, and have faith. As a result, it causes many interpretations of how religious groups have a grudged to each other.
Overall, I gained some valuable insight about what is like to be in a Jew’s perspective, it allowed me to change my understanding of how people are with a certain belief and knowledge. Without adapting the communication of others, certain people will not have a positive relationship with others and maintain a lack of confidence to expressed their opinions or emotions. In fact, in today’s society, it allowed me to learn more about other people’s cultures and understand them.

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