Essay about The Jewish And Of The Middle Ages

Essay about The Jewish And Of The Middle Ages

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In the Middle Ages, the Christian community 's hatred towards the Jews still remained as the Spanish inquisition had approached. The Jewish community was expelled from Spain because the church authorities had figured out that the Marranos, who were converted Jews, still practiced Judaism in secrecy. This is what the Christians took extreme offence to, and believed that the Jews were deliberately going against the church. The purpose of the inquisition was for the Catholic authorities to root out, suppress, and punish the Jewish heretics. The Christian community believed that the Jewish heretics were corrupting their society and wanted them removed. The inquisition was operated by the enraged Christian population themselves, as they drove the Jews out of the country, tortured and killed them.

The Christian authorities wanted to investigate the Marranos for secretly practicing Judaism. This can be seen in the introduction to document 35 where it explains the start of the Spanish inquisition, “This court, which was under state control, was established in Castile in 1480, primarily in order to watch over these converts or Marranos, many of whom pretended to be Christians, but secretly practiced Jewish customs.” (The Spanish Inquisition at Work, Doc 35, p. 195) The problem that arose after the Jews would convert into becoming new Christians was that they would still secretly practice Judaism. This was considered as going against the religious zeal of the church, and harming the Christian society values. The church authorities feared that having these heretic Jews around would influence other Marranos to do the same as they did. This was enough for the King and church authorities to expel the Jews from Spain, because they were inferio...

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...ay where the Christians could kill and expel anyone who they did not like. The Jews were burned alive, and others that were extremely hated were tortured and then thrown into the flames. Document 12 continues to explain the seriousness of the Christian masses madness, “They called him a perfidious, wicked betrayer of religion and an outrageous and malicious enemy of Christ, and declared him worthy of torture and death.” (The Massacre of the New Christians of Lisbon, Doc 12, p. 66) The expulsion and murder of the Jews was carried out to its maximum extent. For if any Jew was to say anything at all that would even remotely be considered as heresy, that Jew would be killed. The Christian community seemed to simply just need an excuse to massacre the Jewish community. The Spanish Inquisition operated as a cover to torture and eliminate the Jews that they always disliked.

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