Essay on Jewish And Buddhist Culture And Religion

Essay on Jewish And Buddhist Culture And Religion

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“Because there are so many different mental dispositions, one religion simply cannot serve, cannot satisfy all people.” – Rodger Kamenetz (The Jew in the Lotus)
There are many connections between Jewish and Buddhist religious culture, and many of these connections can be analyzed through Jewish and Buddhist popular culture. These similarities have led to a phenomenon in which people who were born into Jewish families convert later in life to Buddhism or continue to practice both Buddhism and Judaism. These people are referred to as jubu. One particularly influential jubu was Allen Ginsberg. Ginsberg, who was born into a Jewish family, later converted to Buddhism, and became one of the most famous poets of the Beat Generation. His poetry gives us a useful and unique perspective on the ideology of a jubu because he has poetry that calls from both Buddhist and Jewish culture and religion. Allen Ginsberg is a perfect example of the synthesis of Buddhism and Judaism for many people. It is possible to look at Buddhism as a complement to Judaism through many examples in popular culture. Some of these reasons include past discrimination against Jews and Buddhist emphasis on spirituality. We can see instances of Buddhism complement Judaism through things like Torah Yoga and mindfulness.
Buddhism is a nontheistic religion based on the teachings and life of Buddha Shakyamuni, who is known as the enlightened one. Buddhism emphasizes peace, loving kindness, and wisdom. Shakyamuni’s teachings deal with the ability to remove suffering and other delusions from the mind by ultimately reaching enlightenment and nirvana. The purpose of Buddhism is to remove the mind of its faults and limitations. The ultimate goal of Buddhism is a life without...

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...s, who are searching for spirituality, may find it, like Ginsberg, in Buddhism. The spirituality of Buddhism is a nice complement for some people to the culture of Judaism. For those that view Judaism as a secular religion, like Ginsberg, Buddhism may be a harmonizing spirituality. For some, Judaism may be a culture, but Buddhism may be a practice.
Torah Yoga: In Buddhism, one who is enlightened has qualities of universal love and compassion, omniscient wisdom, and boundless spiritual power.
Mindfulness: In meditation, one overcomes their delusions and becomes familiar with virtuous minds. The mind is considered to be a formless, separate entity from the body.
In conclusion, the connections between Jewish and Buddhist culture can lead to a combining of the two cultures for people like Allen Ginsberg. These jubus consider themselves to be both Jewish and Buddhist.

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