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The comedy 'The Merchant of Venice' was written by William Shakespeare and it is situated in Venice and Belmont (Italy) in the sixteenth century. It was written in London in 1998. The full name of the …… is The Comical History of the Merchant of Venice, or Otherwise Called Jew of Venice.
Venice is a place where there is lots of commerce and where there are lots of business men who loan and ask for interest. The people who live here are not very kind, they are hard hearted and they would rather have lots of money not love. Whereas on the other hand Belmont is very different, it is a city where people are rich and sophisticated. The atmosphere in Belmont is happy and people are kind to one another. If the had to chose love or money, they would chose love. The people in Venice are witty and humorous.
'The merchant of Venice' is about a man called Bassanio needing money to marry the beautiful lady, Portia. The man Bassanio asks to borrow the money off, a great friend Antonio, does not have enough money to lend Bassanio because the sips that hold his money have not come in. Antonio goes to a merchant called Shylock, on behalf of Bassanio, to ask for a loan of three thousand ducats. This is when the main plot starts to unravel.
The character Shylock is
the play’s antagonist, he is menacing and single-minded.

Shylock proposes a bond, the bond is that if the money was not paid back by a certain date then Antonio would have to forfeit "…a pound of flesh…" This shows Shylock as a villainous man, because he wants revenge on Antonio for the way he was victimised in the past. When Antonio did not repay the money, Shylock took him to court, where Antonio's life is then put in the courts hands. He relishes his power ...

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...he money. This is refused and Portia tells him he must carry out his bond and he must not take any more or less than a pound or he will be disobeying the law and have to die. Shylock announces to the court that he request the case to be abandoned and for Antonio to keep his money.
Moreover Portia finds another loop hole, that the law says that 'if it be proved against an alien, that by direct or indirect attemps he seek the life of any citizen, the party 'gainst the which he doth contrive shall seize one half of his goods, the other half comes privy coffer to the state.' Also the Duke decided whether he lives or dies and he must beg for forgiveness.
The Duke lets him keep his life, but Shylock would rather die because he will have nothing and life will not be worth living. Antonio asks the if Shylock can keep half of his money as long as he becomes a Christian

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