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Jew in the Arab World Essay

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The Arabic geographic being best environment for variety of religion, culture and trade throughout the ages. As a result of that many of an ethnic group from outside Middle East decides to move on to that rich area which later many minorities have spread to the Islamic Empire land therefore The Arabic regions were famous with the diversity of minority which creates a lot of conflict with Middle East region especially in Jews and Arab sides.
The United Nation Resolution 181 (1947), this resolution impacts the stability in the Middle East region which leads to many conflicts between Arab and Jewish minority. Therefore, partition was in Arab perspective is planned for the divided Arab world to cause instability among Arabs and minority so western imperialism can easily roll over the Arab region to drain resources and protect their interest in the region. In Jew perspective Arabs treated them very badly and expelled , forcibly converted them to Islam because of that Jews afraid not practice their belief as they want , as a result of that the Zionist movement rise to recreated Jewish state and to give Jewish their nationalism and identity.
The Jews who live in the Arab community before Palestine divided by the Unite Nation in 1947, used to have a peaceful and harmonious life in the Arab world. However, the rise Anti-Semitism is movement of discrimination and prejudice against Jewish and anti-Jewish programs to exile Jewish from Arab world. In the Yemen and Syria the movement was practically violent against Jewish .In additions Libya were hedge of citizenship of Jews, and in Iraq take their property by government. In 1948 numbers of immigration jaws from Yemen were 50,000 immigrants to Israel state
In Arabs a prospective Jews m...

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...ant in the police or the army.
In Israel, millions of Arab Jews from Iraq, Yemen, Egypt and Libya, many of whom still want to return to the Arab countries and wish to return them, and they speak Arabic and praise their countries of origin. Some of Arabs states have erred in expelling and harassment of Arab Jews causing emigration to Israel therefore many of currently European Jews leave Israel and return to their home countries because of the current war and the Palestinian resistance.
This testifies that Jews Arab prefers to return to the Arab world as a minority, because of the good treatment that Arabs give them when used to lived in Arabs world . However, The Unite Nation divided Palestine cause many of conflict and instability in the Arab region which leds of many Arab to become angry and fierce as a result of this partition of Palestine between Arabs and Jews.

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