Jesus : The Hope Of All Nations Essay

Jesus : The Hope Of All Nations Essay

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Jesus Christ- The Hope Of All Nations
Jesus Christ was the light that came to earth to brighten the lives of the people. He taught phenomenal and meaningful lessons that changed many hearts and caused people to accept Jesus as their Lord. Jesus Christ is the life of Christianity; the Word of God in flesh. His life, his ministry, and his crucifixion where prophesied long before he was born and Christians believe that they were all fulfilled. He had so much love for human kind that he came to earth to die for the sins of the people, so that their souls would be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The Bible testifies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who taught memorable life lessons and performed astonishing miracles during his ministry.
Isaiah 9:1-7 prophesies the coming of Jesus Christ and all his fulfillments. Isaiah, the author of this book, mentions how Jesus will be the light in the lives of the people who have been going through a hard time (New International Version, Isaiah 9.2). That is a very hopeful verse because the people of Israel encountered oppression and frauds daily. Therefore, the Messiah’s coming was desperately awaited. Isaiah preaches that the Messiah will “enlarge the nation” (New International Version, Isaiah 9.3), and Jesus definitely expanded the circle of Christians. So many people were astonished by Jesus’ teachings that they started following him blindly. Isaiah also prophesied that Jesus would be known as a “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace” (New International Version, Isaiah 9.6). Every Christian will testify that Jesus Christ lived up to his name. God says that Jesus is the chosen one who will create order in Israel without using violence like other rule...

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... the townspeople found out about Jesus’ action, they forced him to leave the town and he left. However, the healed man told everyone about the miracle and everyone was amazed (New International Version, Mark.5.1-20). Jesus also raised a dead girl and healed a sick woman (New International Version, Mark.5.21-43). He performed all these miracles out of love and compassion and that displays that Jesus is a lovely person who does everything out of good intentions.
The Messiah came to the world and taught countless lessons to everyone who was willing to listen. He taught the people the importance of remembering the Lord and loving one another in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. His ministry emphasized his abundant love for the nations and it is his love, teaching, miracles, and fulfilled prophecies that caused millions of people to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord.

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