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In trying to uncover the historical facts surrounding Jesus, many scholars are lacking much physical evidence that is typically associated with proving that an event or person existed. The biggest source of information on Jesus lies within the New Testament of the Bible. The New Testament provides a glance into the beliefs, sayings and works of the man that is believed to be the son of God. It does not, however, provide a clear time frame for when those things were accomplished. The Bible is written more as a theological account rather than a historical record (Harris 281).With little to no additional resources to confirm Jesus’ existence and doings, it becomes almost impossible to confirm via modern methods what Christians believe as an absolute truth.
In trying to understand who Jesus was, what he did, and what he said, most people turn to the Bible for guidance and answers. Within the four Gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John, one can find a vast amount of information to help with this quest. This information, however, can lead to confusion when one discovers the many disparities between each of the individual accounts presented in these gospels. Many times when a person reviews all of the gospels side by side, they find that they end up with more questions than answers regarding the type of person that Jesus really was.
One of the biggest difficulties in using these four gospels to obtain a better understanding of Jesus’ thoughts and actions, is that not all of the authors had a direct physical relationship or contact with Jesus. Most of the authors depended on oral teachings and using a combination of written documents already in existence to develop their gosp...

... middle of paper ... sense to accept. Other things when considered from a mental, emotional and spiritual aspect make sense.
In conclusion, I believe that I do not need to experience Jesus in the way that the physical world requires, to know that He exists and that He is my savior. There are many things that I have accepted as truth, without concrete physical evidence. Although I have questioned the reasoning behind these things, I lack the ability to find a logical answers. I do, however, understand that at some point, we all have to give in to faith and hope that what we understand as truth is in fact truth. Faith and belief in Jesus cannot be quantified or qualified through the devices of this world. Only through deep introspect can we find understanding, confirmation and belief in Jesus. This alone develops our own truth about who Jesus really was, is and will be forevermore.

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