Jesus Is And Always Was A Healer Essay

Jesus Is And Always Was A Healer Essay

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Jesus is and always was a healer. When he entered yet another Synagogue he found a man with a withered hand. An injured man who should have been in the care of those in leadership. However those charged with caring for him are noted as not having taken charge of his ailments. There are implications that the priests and the scribes are not trying to help this man. This passage is showing that the religious system is culpable for the lack of proactively helping those in need. There is a stigma associated to this man because of his hand. For the Pharisees they would view him as unclean. Jesus is still working on the sabbath. The religious leaders were inhibiting the withered man 's ability to rest. Human beings are supposed to work. The man can not work though, and so the religious leaders are acting as death for the man. Since he cannot work he cannot find rest and do the inherent and important human condition that is toil and rest. Jesus is not at odds with the Torah, he is at odds with human conditions constructed by the powerful. Although the scribes and Pharisees had obtained cultural power, Jesus’ life reveals their power to be fake and nullified by God’s healing and restorative power for his people.
Action Vs. Inaction
Jesus’ life reveals that inaction leads to the death of people. Jesus is identifying the destruction of life in a way that the powerful don’t want it to be highlighted as. It results in culpability on the powerful. Jesus is challenging the established order. Those who are in power are seeing things black and white. That doesn’t mean that all of it is bad, but there is a major misinterpretation of the law and education coming from Deuteronomy. However they were not caring of the least of them in need. Jesus want...

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...od was going to show them their power wasn’t real. They had no real authority.
The scribes are trying to stop Jesus from doing what he is doing. He is holistically healing and restoring people. Jesus is giving people sight, and a voice. So he has captivated the people. The scribes are blaspheming in that they are opposing Jesus’ activity. By extension they are interfering in God’s work. By denying what God is doing and restricting God and by extension people from experiencing God’s restorative and healing power you cannot be pardoned. Such people cannot be removed from God’s shit list. To deny the validity of work that denies poor and sick people God’s activity and work in them you are then at war with God. It is not pardonable to interfere with God humanizing and liberating people. Jesus is taking back what belongs to God from a power that is not real.

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