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Jesus And The Old Testament Essay

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“’Lord, if my brother sins against me, how often should I forgive? As many as seven times?’ Jesus said to him, ‘Not seven times, but, I tell you, seventy times seven.’” (Matthew 18:21-22). Jesus was a leader who taught forgiveness and worked miracles. His life fulfilled the promises God made throughout the Old Testament and offered a new covenant of salvation. Many aspects seen during Jesus’ life are also seen in the Old Testament. Three themes that appear in both testaments are: a leader who should get far more respect than he receives, leaders who do not seem to have the qualifications or appearance, and the clear and dramatic announcement at the start of a life or ministry and a predication of what that life will produce.
Throughout the Gospels, Jesus is a leader who should have received far more respect. Instead, a mob attempted to kill him at Nazareth (Luke 4:29-30) and he was refused in a Samaritan village (Luke 9:51-56). People indignantly demanded, “Who do you claim to be?” (John 8:53) and attempted to stone him when he answered. Jesus performed thirty-seven miracles , and in return, he was plotted against, betrayed, and crucified. Even though Jesus knew what would happen to him, he continued his ministry and teachings.
Elijah was a leader in the Old Testament who also should have received more respect. The prophet boldly stood up for God in a time when idolatry was the norm. He faced an evil king and a vengeful queen. First and Second Kings records eight miracles God performed through Elijah, including the triumph over the priests of Baal. Because of Elijah, people once again began to believe in God, saying, in 1 Kings 19:39, “The Lord indeed is God; the Lord indeed is God.” Even though God displayed His power though ...

... middle of paper ... the people to take back their land. His ministry started dramatically with the crossing of the Jordan and then ended with his death. Joshua 24:31 declares that “Israel served the Lord all the days of Joshua.” His life was dedicated to God and God had a clear purpose for him.
A leader who should get far more respect than he receives, leaders who do not seem to have the qualifications or appearance, and the dramatic announcement at the start of a life or ministry are three aspects in Jesus’ life that can be compared to people in the Old Testament. Elijah should have received more respect. Gideon did not have the appearance or qualifications of a leader, whereas Samson was the complete opposite. Joshua had a dramatic start to his ministry and a clear path cut out for him. The Bible is a contextual river and repeats ideas and concepts, while keeping people surprised.

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