Jersey Shore: Macho Man Who Is Trying To Get Girls Essay example

Jersey Shore: Macho Man Who Is Trying To Get Girls Essay example

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The most popular reality television show of the 21st century so far is Jersey Shore, featured on MTV. With billboards all over New York City promoting it, is obvious the number one reality show choice. The show features: Jolie, JWoww, The Situation, Snooki, Pauly D, Ronnie, Sammi, Angelino and Vinny. The 9 of them live in the same house in a different city each season and have certain agenda’s. The main agenda, partying, happens to also be the main theme of the show. The characters do also have some responsibilities in the house, such as cleaning and a few of them even have jobs. The woman are tormented by the guys, and the guys do typical things, that said, the bottom line, is the show is an awful influence on American culture and sexual identities.
The life style of the members fro Jersey Shore is that of what they refer to themselves as, Guido. The lifestyle of a Guido is “GTL,” partying, clubbing, sex, fighting and drama. “GTL” the most famous of them all for Jersey Shore stands for Gym, Tan, and Laundry. GTL presents this macho man type personification that men have to live up to. With the popularity of the show this puts even more pressure on the viewers, to be tan, go to the gym, and where clean clothing (which isn’t a bad thing). The most important of them all would be the gym, all male cast members, Vinny, The Situation, Ronni, and Pauly D are all fit and have 6 packs they love to show off. The main goal of the guys in this shows is to pick up girls in the club and bring them back to the “smush” room where they have sex. This creates a lot of problems in the house, as the guys consistently call girls names such as skank, whore, slut and so on, but there is the double standard and the guys never get called things a...

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... identity in terms of the norm.
In conclusion, the Jersey Shore is a very popular show and brings up a lot of problems within America, mainly the sexual identities within. Whether it is the men having to live up to the “macho man” status by having rock solid abs and being complete asses to girls, or having to hook up with as many girls as possible, and DHing for friends, the pressure is there. For women it is the pressure of looking amazing every single day, and completing with one another, which results in bullying each other, or having to deal with the double standard of men and women, while the guys in the house can do the same thing they do, they will be under the microscope and being called the slut. In the end, this show is your typical sexually identified male and female, macho man who is trying to get girls, and the girl trying to walk a very thin line.

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