Jerry Sandusky: Child Molester or Not? Essays

Jerry Sandusky: Child Molester or Not? Essays

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To most children, everything in the world is good, righteous, and completely innocent. Getting their apple juice stolen by his or her brother is the worst thing that could possibly ever happen to them. Being safe, secure, and worry free is the reality for most children, as it should be. For 10 individuals that have made their childhood incidents open to the public, a very evil and twisted man stole the innocence that they once knew. This man is Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky was known to most as a normal man who coached football at Pennsylvania State University, also known as “Penn State” (Bronstein). In the 23 years that Sandusky coached, he primarily served as defensive coordinator (Scott). In 1999, after his 23rd season, head coach Joe Paterno informed Sandusky that he would not become the next head coach of the Penn State football team (Scott). That single conversation led Sandusky to his retirement that same year (Grand Jury Report 16). Victim 4 later testified that this situation upset Sandusky greatly (Grand Jury Report 16).
Jerry Sandusky first met his victims through The Second Mile, a charity for at-risk children (Johnson). This charity was started as a group home in 1977 by Sandusky himself, but turned into an organization that stretched across all of central Pennsylvania (Grand Jury Report 1). While the Second Mile program served over 100,000 children, it’s net worth exploded to over $9 million (Roebuck). This program gave Sandusky easy access to small boys and plenty of them through summer camps, picnics, and chances for the boys to attend football games with him (Johnson). Sandusky would first start casual conversation with the boys before inviting them to Penn State football games or other miscellaneous outings (Johnson...

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