Jeffrey Dahmer : A Serial Killer Essay

Jeffrey Dahmer : A Serial Killer Essay

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er was a serial killer that committed 17 murders over a period of 13 years. A serial murderer is someone that has “killed 3 or more people over a period of days, weeks, months, years, or decades” (Fleming, 2014). Dahmer is a killer that had many paraphilias that will be discussed as well as the characteristics that classify him as a sexual sadist. A sexual sadist is someone that experiences sexual pleasure from acts of cruelty (Marshall & Kennedy, 2003). Dahmer chose a select type of victim groups, this case study will find out why he chose those victims and what his intentions were. The behaviour of Jeffrey Dahmer was one that resembled a serial killer with a number of signature behaviours ranging from lack of remorse to cannibalism. Jeffrey Dahmer was a sexually sadistic murderer that was sexually attracted to the dismemberment and experimental effects on human bodies.
Leading up to the murders, Dahmer displayed unusual acts possibly leading to the killings. Dahmer’s childhood interest in animals was not commonly thought about by kids. Dahmer enjoyed dismembering and disemboweling animals using a chemistry set (Pardue & Arrigo, 2008, p. 388). Due to the dismemberment of the animals left untreated, it only progressed to the dismemberment of human bodies. The animal autopsys should have been seen as a loud call for help. Grubin explained in Marshall and Kennedy’s work that sexual murderers compared to rapist have trouble with social skills and anger as a child. Grubin also explained that sexual killers are more likely to collect trophies of their victims (Marshall & Kennedy, 2003). Dahmer experienced a great deal of social trouble in school as well as anger problems (, 2014). According to Grubin, Dahmer ...

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...ristics that describes him as a disorganized killer.
Jeffrey Dahmer was a sexually sadistic murderer that was sexually attracted to the dismemberment and experimental effects on human bodies. Dahmer’s behaviour displayed serial killer traits through the signature behaviours characterized by T. Fleming. Dahmer also displayed sexually sadistic traits by his lust of paraphilias towards other men but was able to hide this from family members through compartmentalization. Dahmer was not considered a mentally insane criminal because as explained by O’Reilly, Dahmer would have felt bad if his grandmother had found him killing; therefore, Dahmer knew the difference between right and wrong (O 'Reilly, 2014, p. 168). Over the period of 13 years, Dahmer managed to brutally and sadistically kill 13 men. According to academic literature, Dahmer was a successful serial killer.

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