Jeff Smith : An Enthralling Parable Of A Spirited And Ambitious Young Man

Jeff Smith : An Enthralling Parable Of A Spirited And Ambitious Young Man

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How Jeff Smith landed in jail is an enthralling parable of a spirited and ambitious young man looking to bring positive change to the nation. Jeff Smith was born in St. Louis Missouri in 1973 to a middle class family. Smith attended Ladue high school and then went on to graduate from UNC and Washington University with degrees in political science. In 2004 a Democratic Primary was being held for a Missouri US congressional seat, and Smith decided to run. Smith at the time was a virtually unknown figure in the political world, but with the help of a young, bright, and driven campaign staff, he decided to run against a the scion Russ Carnahan. With hard work by his campaign staff, Smith lost the primary by a mere 1800 votes. Two years later Smith won a seat in the Missouri state senate. In a seemingly good place, Smith continued his work in politics, until 2008 when Milton Ohlsen was accused of setting off a car bomb. During the investigation, evidence was found suggesting a cover up for illegal anonymous anti-Carnahan postcards during the 2004 primaries. Such a small offense carried a small penalty, except Smith was caught on wire by close friend Steve Brown telling a different story than the story he was telling to the FBI, leading to obstruction of justice charges. On August 2009, Jeff Smith pleaded guilty to two felony counts for obstruction of justice and was sentenced to a year and one day at Kentucky Federal Correctional Institute.
Over 2000 years prior to the story of Jeff Smith, Aristotle wrote The Poetics in 4th century BC. Aristotle discusses what makes poetry good. The treatise begins with discussion on the modes and medians of poetry. Next, the definition of a tragedy and the individual parts of the construction are an...

... middle of paper ...

...e emotional thought by the audience. The events that took place in Jeff Smith’s life were brutal and pitiful, yet these are the traits that define a man as a tragic hero.
Jeff Smith possess minor anti-tragic hero characteristics, yet his story parallels elements of the strongest tragedies. The best tragedies are ones that cause most catharsis of pity and fear. The Poetics may be dismissed as an ancient text with no modern relevance, however, it is clear that the elements described in a text written over ‍‍two-thousand years ago still apply to not only modern literature and art but to real life. Jeff Smith is real man, not just a character written by an author that adheres to the Aristotelian principle. Thus, the importance and significance of The Poetics is seen in that one must study and comprehend such texts to prevent such tragedies from happening in their lives.

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