Jeanne Mance : Life As A Nursing Profession Essay

Jeanne Mance : Life As A Nursing Profession Essay

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Jeanne Mance
Many nurses have shaped what we experience as the nursing profession today, be it through theories or physical changes. These individuals have provided a basis of understanding of what it means to be a nurse today. Jeanne Mance was an inspiring and beloved nurse, who achieved great things based upon her courage, wisdom and resourcefulness (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2015). She ran her own hospital, called the Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal, (Dictionary of Canadian biography, n.d) and should be recognized for the amazing task as she was an amazing role model for nurses of her time, of the present and of the future.
In her time, Jeanne Mance was recognized as many things; eloquent, determined and resourceful (Emery, 2006, p.37). All of these attributes allowed for her to be successful is creating, and running a functional and astounding hospital in Montreal. She took the responsibilities of maintaining the hospital into her own hands, and that meant recruitment of other nurses and supplies (Emery, 2006, p.37). Her dedication to the hospital was very prevalent when she fell and injured her wrist, unable to dress herself, however Emery (2006), states “Despite her health condition, knowing that she needed to persuade more nuns to work at the hospital, Mance left for France in 1658” (p.37). The level of caring that Mance demonstrated was a real testament to the nursing care that she performed, and lead by a great example for the nurses and nuns that she was working with. She put her patients first, even before her own health, and by working hard, and achieving her ultimate goals, Jeanne Mance was a nurse who made a huge impact on the nursing profession in her time.

Today, Jeanne Mance has continued to be a releva...

... middle of paper ... (Canadian Encyclopedia, n.d). Jeanne Mance made very important contributions to nursing, and as such she will have a lasting impact on nursing in future.
Jeanne Mance has made contributions to nursing that were significant in the past, are significant in the present and will be significant in the future. Her hospital is a symbol of her caring and dedication to the field of nursing, and as long as it stands it is a reminder of these factors that are a huge part of the nursing process. Jeanne highlights the importance of caring for patients and always wanting the best for the hospitals. Nursing is centrally a caring profession, this can be remembered through past nurses who have devoted their passions to improving nursing as a profession. Many individuals have created the basis for the nursing profession that we know today, and will know in the future.

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