Jean Trudeau And The Liberal Idea Of Canada Essay examples

Jean Trudeau And The Liberal Idea Of Canada Essay examples

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In his memoirs, published in 1993 and only two years before the second referendum in 1995, Trudeau states: "Separatism died in 1976, but its funeral was the referendum of 1980." This would come to be reflective of many Trudeau 's policies; where he would implement them based on ideology, be faced with public backlash, and then be forced to revise his policies based on pragmatism.
This mixture of ideology and pragmatism is also reflected James and Robert Laxer 's, The Liberal Idea of Canada. This work was written during Pierre Trudeau 's second term in 1977, the Laxers ' focus less on Trudeau and more on the federal Liberal Party. In this sense this work is unique in the fact that it seems to be written for political scientists or political theorists with an interest in political ideology and looks at the Liberal party from a political scientology standpoint. In the 1977 context, the Laxers ' main argument is not that the Liberal Party was successful, and was the dominant political force in federal Canadian politics for the majority of the twentieth century, not because the party had someone like Trudeau to lead it, but because Trudeau had inherited a political organization that had successfully combined pragmatism with political ideology.
While the Laxers look at the Liberal Party as a whole during Trudeau 's tenure they also focus on a variety of issues that were, in 1977, hot-button political topics at the time. While these had national implications for the Canadian economy, they seem to focus on issues that would have special relevance for the Liberals vote-rich areas of Southern Ontario and Quebec. These included the issues around branch plants and the rise of Quebec Separatism and nationalism. The work also documents th...

... middle of paper ... the political problems, that other sources have mentioned, but also the social upheaval that had come across the Canadian-American border through cultural osmosis, and it was Trudeau, that Newman argues, emerged in this late-1960s culture. Much like in the protests that were occurring in the United States, the protests that were occurring in Canada were in part a result of the general public 's dissatisfaction with the current political system. As a result, in Newman 's opinion, Trudeau 's decision to portray himself as a political outsider, despite his upbringing and lifestyle in the manner of one considered to be a member of the intellectual elite, was conscious one, which was designed to differentiate himself from the other Liberal leadership candidates. However, Trudeau also had the problem of the fact that Trudeau had relatively little political experience,

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