Jean Piaget 's Theory Of Social Skills Essay

Jean Piaget 's Theory Of Social Skills Essay

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Social skills play a very crucial part in the existence of every individual. This is for the simple reason that the level unto which the social skills a person(s) has, generally describes the level of co-existence that prevail in that given environment (Sussman, 2012). The way a person describes scenarios, solves problems, analyzes situations as well as the overall communication, all form the basis of social skills. According to Jean Piaget’s theory of social (cognitive) development, it is expected that individuals should be mentally or physically prepared to face the realities of the world. It is also important to keep in mind that these skills would be effective when they are learned in early stages of life. Therefore, social skills should grow and develop when one is in the early years of life.
There are many professionals who can help children with their social skills. In many cases, social skills are assumed to be irrelevant and not that necessary as many people would think. Some may think that the children are still young and most probably, these skills are yet to be seen but they are developing. This assumption can be very dangerous and hazardous for the child’s social life (Case-Smith & O’Brien, 2013). Occupational therapists agree that children who grow up with this assumption are bound to have many problems in later stages of life.
Occupational therapy has contributed in the growth of social skills in children. Recent research by shows that Occupational Therapy enhances social skills in children who experience difficulty in social performance. This type of therapy can also be considered helpful in developing a peaceful co-existent society in which issues are addressed kindly from skills acquired in social ...

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... could be prone to various disorders (Creek & Lougher, 2011). One most common syndrome is the Asperger’s syndrome in which a child would be in a difficult state to socially interact. The other disorder related to developmental disability is autism. Essentially, autism is that condition in which a child is unable to communicate effectively.
Due to the disorders that come with lack of a well-planned social skill development schedule, many parents or caregivers have sought out for professional services from occupational therapists. These individuals provide their services at home for these children or even at their learning institutions. This is due to the inconveniences that may come up at home during these activities. Lastly, it can generally be concluded that occupational therapy plays a crucial role in developing the social skills of a child to a substantial length.

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