Essay on Jean Piaget 's Theory Of Development

Essay on Jean Piaget 's Theory Of Development

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Jean Piaget (1896-1980), a developmental psychologist, thoroughly researched and

evaluated the cognition of children from infancy to adulthood (Swartwood, 2012, pp. 46). The

experimental data gathered produced the formation of four Piagetian stages: sensorimotor,

preoperational, concrete operations, and formal operations (Swartwood, 2012, pp. 49). The

sensorimotor phase (0 – 2 years) acknowledges sensory and motor maturation while addressing

the description of object permanence, a lasting recollection of an item previously withdrawn

from the visual perspective (Swartwood, 2012, pp. 50). Secondarily, the preoperational stage (2 –

7 years) incorporates, among additional components, symbolic representation, the association of

physical substances and intangible thoughts with images, words, or sounds (Swartwood, 2012,

pp. 50). The level of concrete operations (7 – 11 years) introduces the production of reversibility,

the performance of mentally reversing occurrences within the environment (Swartwood, 2012,

pp. 52). Lastly, the formal operational phase (11 years – adult) demonstrates a psychological

growth in hypothetico-deductive reasoning, the proposal of a theory, while utilizing scientific

thinking as validation (Swartwood, 2012, pp. 54).

The Piagetian tasks of conservation of volume and prediction were administered to two

adolescent males who acted as experimental subjects so as to thoroughly investigate the inherent

nature of the cognitive development of children. Daniel, a six-year-old, Kindergarten boy,

weighs fifty-nine pounds and is three feet ten inches in height. Gabriel, a nine-year-old, fourth

grade boy, weighs seventy-three pounds and is four feet seven inches in height. Regarding


... middle of paper ...

...zation of cognition, psychological terminology such as

Piagetian Task 7

centration/centering, reversibility, and abstract thought were utilized. The justifiable resolution

of Daniel lied in his association with the preoperational stage due to the simplicity of his

explanations and presence of centration/centering. Dissimilarly, Gabriel was intermediately

aligned with the preoperational stage and the concrete operational stage according to the conflict

of guesstimation, emergence of abstract thought, and the appearance and disappearance of

centration/centering and reversibility. Conclusively, Daniel and Gabriel were extraordinary

subjects that validated previous hypotheses based on performance, yet showed unexpected


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