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Jean Luc Picard as a Leader

If the cause is just and honorable they are prepared to give their lives--Jean Luc Picard

The cares for lives, continuation of other's future, and the hope of a more successful generation are rarely the thoughts of anyone. Most individuals are self-centered, careless of others, and seek personal benefit. Although these unfortunate qualities make up the majority of the society that we live in, there are few individuals that make up what we call good leaders. Someone who has a thorough, objective, and complete view of a situation are a good leader. A good leader is also a person who considers and cares for other people's well being. Along with these qualities, a leader never allows any emotion or fears to come in the way of rational thought. Jean Luc Picard is a good leader. Picard is a good leader because he has all the attributes and qualities of a leader. When Picard has to make a decision, he is thorough and very objective. Picard always seeks to find the height and depth of the situation in hand. Picard considers his actions and all their possible outcomes to insure the well being of his crew's future. Lastly, Picard never makes any decisions based on his or someone else's fear or emotion. He is not convinced easily and will seldom make a decision without having unequivocal reasons. Throughout this paper, I intend to further make clear that Jean Luc Picard truly is a leader. I will primarily use scenes and quote from "The Defector," an episode from the series Star Trek the New Generation, to account for all the statements.

Let us consider some leaders that we have in present day. Many of us would say that the president of the United States is a leader. Every four year, millions of citi...

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...omplete view of the situation at hand. Picard never allowed any fear or emotion come in the way of rational thought. Most importantly, we know that Jean Luc was always concerned for the well being of his friends and their future generations, because when he needed it his care was repaid and it saved him.

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