Essay on Japan's History and Geography

Essay on Japan's History and Geography

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There is a country in the Pacific Rim and that country is Japan. Throughout this paper we will explore the topics of Japan’s history, government, economy, geography and topography, and Japans culture and customs. As we learn and explore these topics I leave this note fore the reader, “I hope I get a good score on this paper” (Sanne, page 1). Please enjoy the essay into which I poured my blood, tears, and valuable time.
First off let me take back through time. Watch your step as you now proceed to the earliest time in Japan’s history, the Jomon era. This is basically Japan’s Stone Age. The modern Japanese persons were fishermen, gatherers, and hunters. All pretty primitive if you ask me. Okay, get a move on; we have lots of places to go. Our next stop is the Yayoi era. During this time Yayoi, relatives of the Mongols, imported rice and iron to Japan and obviously through this foreign influence a new religion and language formed. About 0 A.D. Shintoism became the main religion in Japan and many rituals and ceremonies were held during the following years as Japan developed. In 57 A.D China mentions Japan for the first time in their history. Between 200 A.D and 300 A.D. sushi was invented; the Shinto shrine Ise is founded and Japan visits China for the first time. The very first emperor was during this era, he was Jimmu-dono. The following era is known as Kofun, between 300 A.D. and 538 A.D. In this era the culture begins to develop, modeling after Chinese culture. Japan adopts the Chinese alphabet and Korea introduces Buddhism to the current Japanese emperor which was Senka-dono (535-539). After this, is the Asuka era which was the time Buddhism was introduced to Japan. The Sun clan gains rule as the dynasty and move to their home...

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...statues and monuments are built and set up for seven days. The Tanabata Festival, or the Star Festival, is widely known and very popular. Sagi-Mai is the white heron dance and is a very old and religious ritual and festival. Hakata Gion Yamakasa, is the annual summer festival of Japan. The annual Fall festival is Karatsu Kunichi. As you can tell there are many festivals. Some festivals are commemorating seasons, gods, coming of age, performing arts, and even a festival for dolls. This is a large part of Japanese culture. Another part of Japanese culture are geisha, Japanese entertainment during the Edo era, and Samurai who are the legendary warriors of Japan. That is Japanese history.
Now I know I can rant and rant about Japan but that wouldn’t be any fun for the reader now would it. We have learned history, government, economy, the land, and the culture of Japan.

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