Japan's Global Growth and What You Doing App Essay

Japan's Global Growth and What You Doing App Essay

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I. Executive Summary
This paper explores Japan's global opportunities and the launching of an instant messaging application called WYD, which is an acronym for "What you doing". This application allows users to send each other unlimited text, messaging, images, video, audio media messages and make VoIP calls free. A survey conducted by research group comScore’s MobiLens service found that three out of every four Japanese consumers use their cell phones to browse the Web, access applications or download contents. This compares to 44% in the United States and 39% in Europe (Wakabayashi, 2010).

II. Environmental Review
Economic Environment
As Japan moved into the information age, they were determined to develop into new industries to generate even more profits. This is the age is when Japan had an economic outlook and started to make a lot of money coming out with varies new inventions and improve other countries inventions. The Japanese enhanced or produced the TV, walkman, fax machines, and so much more during this age. Today the Japanese has made the biggest achievements in technology, which has provided them with economic development.
Japan's economic growth has increased their standard of living to and higher than the U.S. The Japanese wages are more equally spread than in the U.S. They have surpassed from industrialization to providing services. The Japanese has used countries in Southeast Asia for low costing labor. Shifting to a service economy reveals how Japanese consumers have changed their experience.
Cultural Environment
The Japanese culture has changed significantly over the years, from having the strongest tradition dating back thousands of years to a state of rapid change of fashion, ...

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