Essay on Japanese Tourism : A Tourism Destination

Essay on Japanese Tourism : A Tourism Destination

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Japan is a country with countless attraction and points of interest, whether its heritage, food, popular culture or dark tourism, Japan as a tourism destination can offer many things. Because of the saturation of culture there are many types of tourism which apply (Berger 2010). Cultural tourism, adventure, ecotourism, food and family tourism and even sex tourism to name a few and with the increasing relevance of Otaku1 culture in the western world, Japans popularity as a holiday destination has increased drastically. The popularity of Japanese tourism can largely be attributed to the growing cultural interest displayed by the visitors which means that cultural exploration is one of the more significant reasons of visitation.
In Japan tourism is a vital part of the economy and the tourism industry is one of the largest employers in the country. The general visitor numbers from the UK have been gradually rising after experiencing a significant dip in 2009 due to the global economic crisis and in 2011 after the Great East japan Earthquake. Overall in 2014 the figure of inbound tourist reached 10.3 million inbound visitors which is a significant rise from 2013 (8.3 million). As of 2015 the monthly inbound tourism form the UK, roughly 20% of the entire countries monthly visitor numbers. In January approximately Sixteen thousand people visited japan from the UK with the numbers rising each month due to repeat tourism (Hibino, K. 2014).
When it comes to inbound Japanese tourism to the UK however the statistics are far for impressive. In 2014 Britain received estimate of 368,000 Japanese tourists who spend roughly 380 million pounds (Order 2014). Majority of Japanese visitors who visit England do it so to see the iconic sights th...

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...y members of the tourism sector are attempting to prove otherwise. The Japanese Ministry of Environment (JME) has outlined that many organisations in the private sector have taken kindly to environmental policies and are developing cleaner and safer means of production. Companies like Toyota and Sony are using mainly recycled plastics, circuits and metals in production and Green tourism is being actively promoted worldwide. The JME and the Japan National tourism organisation are urging tourist to take advantage of the unspoilt locations all around Japan and to engage in more outdoor and countryside associated activities such as rafting (Meves,2007). Ultimately however it should be in the Japanese government and Tourist board interest to promote clean and sustainable tourism considering the upcoming position that Japan will be the host of the 2020 Japan Olympic Games.

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