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Japanese Spirit, Western Thing
After reading the article, Japanese Spirit, Western Thing, I searched online for further research and discovered the website to the United States Navy. Within this website I found a history link. It was more detailed than the article in regards to the events between Commodore Perry and the Japanese. It provided an engaging account of Perry’s voyage. I did not think too much about how much time had passed between when Perry arrived in Japan’s borders and when they actually signed a treaty. Additionally, the website added some very interesting details that I thoroughly enjoyed learning.
According to the United States Navy, when Perry and the ships arrived “never before had the Japanese seen ships steaming with smoke. They thought the ships were "giant dragons puffing smoke" (US Navy, 2009). Perry was 60 years old and had a very respected naval career, nevertheless, his most notable feat was the treaty that the Japanese and the United States signed. By the time this treaty was signed, almost nine months had passed. Perry must have been very adamant because he would not meet with anyone other than the Emperor of Japan. His stubbornness paid off. On March 31, 1854, the United States signed a treaty with Japan. The treaty called for four things, 1) peace and friendship between United States and Japan, 2) Shimoda and Hakodate ports be opened to the United States ships, 3) shipwrecked American ships near the Japanese coast would be helped along with any of the people from the ship, 4) an agreement for American ships to buy supplies at Japanese coasts (US Navy, 2009).
Perry had accomplished to destroyed the barriers that had been in place separating Japan from the rest of the world. Japan a...

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...ronment that might affect further cooperation between the two superpowers, Japan and the United States, could be that the American way of life is more accepted by the Japanese than their old traditions. Their culture and heritage is very important to them, therefore, the government will try to maintain its Japanese way in spite of the influences around it.

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