Japanese Horror Movies Are Dark And Invoke Fear Essays

Japanese Horror Movies Are Dark And Invoke Fear Essays

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In both Japan and America, the film industry is a big industry. Part of that industry is the genre of horror. Movies like this include the themes of an evil entity usually killing people or causing havoc and the protagonists, which are represented as good. Many cultures have their own takes on horror movies. How they’re done and the themes that they believe are evil or that they’re scared of. Ultimately horror movies are dark and invoke fear. Japan and America are two good examples of how horror movies in different cultures can be different, similar and how they can influence each other.
One aspect of American horror movies is the fact that everything is rationalized in the movies. There is a need in American culture to explain why things happen. This is also shown in the endings. Conflicts are always resolved at the end of movies and everything is explained because as the audience, we want to know that the conflict is over and we want all the unexplained details to be explained. The antagonists of horror movies are usually malicious monsters that are there to cause havoc. They may or may not have a grudge against a specific person, but they usually hurt a lot of people in the process of getting to their goal or they just enjoy killing people. In some movies the antagonist can also be human. There could be a psychopathic killer on the loose with no goal but to kill whoever they want to.
There is a stereotype of characters in American horror movies. The main protagonist is the one who is the smartest and they usually are the only ones left alive at the end. Many characters in horror movies aren’t very bright and usually end up dying when it could have been preventable if they had just made better decisions. Characters in America...

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...sters with old, dry, dark settings. For example, abandoned houses, basements and cemeteries. In Japanese culture they associate spirits with settings that are damp and humid. They use settings which include small, damp spaces because they find that being in a place so small is hard to breathe and seeing a spirit coming toward you is horrifying.
The ending of Japanese and American horror movies differ extremely. American movies usually end on a clear, final note. The monster or spirit is usually killed or put to rest. The protagonists end up happy and there are no more worries anymore. The ending of Japanese horror movies tend to be unresolved and it is often implied that the spirit still exists and was not put to rest. This is because of the fact that the japanese believe that the spirits coexist with them and are used to ensure that balance remains in the universe.

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