The Japanese Defeat by the Soviet Union At Nomohan Essay

The Japanese Defeat by the Soviet Union At Nomohan Essay

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The Battle of Khalkin Gol, or the Nomohan Incident as it was known in Japan, was a colossal military defeat for the Japanese in 1939. The Japanese defeat was due to their inferiority in armour, both in terms of quality, the number of armoured vehicles available, and the tactics they employed when facing the Soviets during the battle. However, the Japanese failure to learn the lessons their defeat had far reaching consequences. The Japanese response to the defeat at Nomohan, when it came to relations with the Soviet Union, was to turn southward and to ignore the possibility of subsequent war with the Soviet Union. The rapid Japanese collapse in Manchuria in the face of the Soviet offensive in August 1945, was the consequence of this thinking and failure to modernize their armour and artillery forces. As such, the Soviet armoured force was able to operate with relative impunity, outflanking the Japanese positions and preventing the Japanese from executing their planned defensive strategy of withdrawing gradually into the Manchurian interior. As a result, the Japanese defeat Khalkin Gol potentially served as wakeup call for the Japanese army to modernize its forces in Manchuria, but their failure to do so ensured an even greater collapse during the 1945 Soviet offensive into Manchuria.
The Primary Factors for the Japanese defeat at Nohoman in 1939
The Soviet forces facing the Japanese army in 1939, were a mixture of both Soviet and Mongolian units, due the Soviets having pledged to defend the Mongolian People's Republic in the event of a Japanese, however both of these forces were quite disorganized by the time of the Battle of Lake Khasan. This was due to the fact that the Japanese offensive had never been planned but was lau...

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