Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbour Essay

Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbour Essay

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Explain the reasons for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour and its impact.
The decision that should Japan have had attacked Pearl Harbour has divided many historians and it is still debated today. Pearl Harbour was a strategic point, located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Its strategic point would have indefinitely helped the Empire of Japan in succeeding world domination. As well as this Pearl harbour was a suitable location for an offence, to seize the US from interfering with Japans expanding Empire. The attack was also a ‘revenge tactic’ to stop the US from growing, and becoming a more feared nation. Despite these arguments, Pearl harbour was a difficult and daring location for an offensive, and therefore it was not a reasonable decision to attack. The Empire of Japan would have also needed a reliable combatant and a trading partner, and therefore the US would have been a reliable nation to depend on. On top of this, the United States was a ‘superpower’, and for that reason, it would not have been conventional for Japan to have attacked such a major nation at such an early stage.
The Pearl harbour region located strategically in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean had been desperately been fought over for years. In order for Japan’s growing Empire to sustainably stay at the top, Japan would have had to grow and occupy other regions. For this reason, Pearl Harbour seemed to be an effective location. The successful occupation of the island would have been proven a preventable sight for defending Japan from the Unites States naval fleet. “In the imperial Japanese mind, it was time to get the easy pickings in the Pacific before Germany ended the war altogether”. The Japanese had viewed the United States relationship with Br...

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