Japan 's Health Care System Essay

Japan 's Health Care System Essay

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Japan has been a state party to the ICESCR dates from 1966. Over the past thirty years, Japan has incorporated international human rights law in various ways from signaling a new openness to international law to the legislature actively engaged in revising existing laws and passing new ones to implement international legal obligations. In the 1990s, judges began to apply international treaties directly in areas like criminal procedure and minority rights. The most significant change in Japan over the last thirty years is the right to health. Similar to many European health care systems, the health insurance in Japan is compulsory. But Japan surpasses all party members of ICESCR in life expectancy at birth and has the lowest infant mortality rate. It achieves these successes at a cost of only 6.6 percent of gross domestic product, $1,267 per capita which is half that of the United States.1 Japanese national health insurance reduced financial barriers of access to medical care and achieved a No. 1 ranking on health status at a cost that is among the lowest of wealthy industrialized nations. Japan 's health care system is characterized by universal coverage, free choice of health care providers by patients, employment-based system of financing, and a predominant role for private hospitals and fee-for-service practice.2 Everyone in Japan is covered by insurance for medical and dental care and drugs without regard to any medical problems they may have or to their pre-existing illness. Patients freely choose their providers, and doctors freely choose the procedures, tests and medications for their patients. Reimbursement rates to doctors and hospitals are negotiated and set every two years. In this paper, I would review the key elements...

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... also been setting guidelines and protocols in high-risk areas such as medication errors and wrong-site procedures and also on informed consent to improve quality and safety. In Japan, the patient-centeredness is one of the key quality domains in their health care quality framework. Monitoring of patient experiences and satisfaction levels has been done through surveys at the national and provider levels to promote better provider performance. All hospitals are assessed based on standards of patient-centeredness, quality and safety assurance and organizational management. What’s more, hospitals have medical safety management committees and incident reports are collected and analyzed in order to develop measures to assure safety. Hospitals also provide training on medical safety to their employees and appoint a staff member to be responsible for the safety management.

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