Japan 's Desire Of Expansion Into Southeast Asian Territories During The First Place

Japan 's Desire Of Expansion Into Southeast Asian Territories During The First Place

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militarism and economic desires explain why Japan became involved in Southeast Asian territories in the first place. First and foremost, Japan held strong militaristic culture that was inherent in the elite class. Bushido spirit, Samurai, and glory of war were praised by the Japanese, which possibly explains Japanese initiation of conflict and hardline policies. Also, Japan’s desire of expansion into neighboring Asian countries for economic gains could be reasoned as the prominent action that commenced threat to other countries. Their economic expansion could also be seen in their effort to industrialize following the Prussian model in 1975, so that Japan themselves could build enough power to export trade and defend themselves from European powers (Copeland Lecture: 10.10).
A weakness with the domestic level argument could be that the industrialization and building of economic revenue had security driven motives. For example, Japan began in the 19th century as an agricultural state. However, it was Japanese fear of Russia’s industrialization that triggered them to become powerful and guard themselves against European powers (Copeland Lecture: 10.10). Also, Japanese expansion could be explained as a security tactic; during that time, almost all most prominent European countries such as Britain, France, and Germany were imperialistic. Japan followed this move and expanded into its neighboring countries such Korea, Manchuria, and growingly in China and Southeast Asia to protect their own security in the world of anarchy.
In explaining the cause of Cold War, the same idea of individually necessary and jointly sufficient systemic and individual level analyses apply. The most compelling argument for Cold War is the spiraling argument, ...

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...post-decisional rationalization of Hiroshima bombing by saying that it was an act to threaten the Russians and subsequently, to halt communism.
Going back a couple of decades to World War I, the greatest manmade disaster, was again a war driven by the security dilemma and desire to preempt along with poor individual decision making. During this time, Germany became the most powerful state due to massive urbanization and industrialization, and all the other neighboring nations were fearful of this expanding German power. Germany perceived Russia as the biggest threat to its success due to its potentiality in becoming the most powerful state with five times the landmass as Germany and abundance of population and possible resources they had. This fear led to arms racing and lebensraum in mechanism to reduce the security dilemma, but without realizing the actual effects

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