Japan 's Attack On The World War II Essay

Japan 's Attack On The World War II Essay

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Pearl Harbor occurred December 7, 1941 at 7:55 am. Japan attacked American soil, causing America to join World War II. But what happened that day seventy four years ago, and what caused Japan to attack American soil? It was not some spontaneous attacked that had no reason behind it. Japan had their own reasons for their attack on Pearl Harbor. America had not yet joined the war and Roosevelt had just come into office. While Americans did not want to even prepare for war, Roosevelt did, when he came into office he slowly talked the people into preparing to war. But nothing prepared America for the attack from Japan. For many years before the war America was supplying Japan with oil. Although America had not formally joined the war in 1940, they still had allies and America saw it as unwise to keep giving oil to Japan when they took over French Indochina.
World War II started with the Marco Polo bridge indecent between China and Japan in 1937. China was running low on supplies and needed help. Although America had not officially joined the war, they helped China by sending them supplies. While America sent supplies to China, they were still sending oil to Japan and they knew they could not do both for long. The battles between Japan and China were already straining the American 's relation with Japan, and when Japan conquered French Indochina that was the eye opener for America. In September of 1940 America placed an embargo on Japan over many exports and fuel, including oil.
Japan needed to find oil from some other source. The closest oil source to them was Indonesia, but in order to take Indonesia they had to first take the Dutch East Indies. America did not want them to take all of this territory, they did not want Japan t...

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...in the American people after the attack at Pearl Harbor. When the war was brought to their own land they felt a need to protect themselves and fight for themselves. Pearl Harbor made the American people come together with Roosevelt and prepare for a fight. Franklin Roosevelt said, "Yesterday, December 7, 1941- a date which will live in infamy - the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air force of the Empire of Japan." This was said when Roosevelt declared war on Japan. He was talking to the American people and they were all ready for the fight. They had lost many people and where finally ready to join World War II. The war started in Japan, but soon the entire world would be involved. This may have been one battle out of many in this war, but it changed the war for the United States, and it impacted America for all of history.

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