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Japan had many struggles after WWI due to an economic downfall, yet they also had many achievements including a stronger military from conquering most of Asia, and multiple social reforms for women and the working class. In addition to Japan leaving the League of Nations, and joining the Axis power, creating a shocking announcement that nobody would have expected. Along with nationalism spreading around increasing the Japanese rights. As well as strong leaders who fought wars, and guided the people through the Great depression. With all of these ideas, Japan was ready to shock the world by entering WWII. Without the achievements Japan accomplished after WWI, the world would have never been shocked from the military strength or the intelligence of the leaders.
Japan’s military shocked the world in its debut in WWII, but it all started after WWI. Japan grew its military strength from annexing Manchuria and conquering other Asian nations. The annexation of Manchuria led to many great things in the military including resources. “During the 1930s the region was transformed into a prime source of iron, steel, and coal. These resources were useful for the Japanese economy and the military forces” (Grolier Online). With these resources, the military made weapons armor and vehicles. “During the decade of the 1930s, Manchuria was also transformed into a primary military base for the Japanese Army” (Grolier Online). With the creation of a military base, Manchuria became a more valuable asset to Japan. As stated earlier, Manchuria was not the only area Japan conquered. In addition to Manchuria, Japan added China to their military strength. Throughout the 1930’s Japan was at war with China and eventually conquered it. In 1937, Japan conquere...

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... an alliance with Nazi Germany and Italy, joining the Axis powers” (Streissguth 64-65). This alliance was the beginning of Japan’s role in WWII.

Even though Japan had its struggles and accomplishments, it was still shocking that they joined the Axis powers. No-one would expect Japan to join a major war like WWII, but Japan surprised everyone with its military strength and leadership. Japan could have accomplished everything less violently, and it could have been just as effective. Japan didn’t need to take over China in a violent way. Although Japan did create a strong military from having resources such as “iron, steel, and coal”. These resources helped create a strong army and help shock the world with it. Also if it wasn’t for all of the reforms and ideas that the leaders passed, the Axis powers wouldn’t see the intelligence and pride of the Japanese soldiers.

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