Japan and the Benefits of Nuclear Energy Essay

Japan and the Benefits of Nuclear Energy Essay

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Energy runs the world. Everything uses energy. Whether it is something as simple as a person getting out of bed, or as complex as providing power to sustain an entire town, energy provides the source to get these things done. This is the reason that politicians and governments invest so much time creating energy plans and platforms, and travel to different energy conferences around the world. It is also the reason that when a country starts making changes to its energy plan it is big news. Japan now finds itself in this situation. With nuclear energy no longer the sure source of power that it was in the past Japan finds itself rethinking its energy plans. This however, is not an easy task. With a complicated energy past and a nation and government rife with indecision, finding the right type of energy sources is proving to be quite the difficult undertaking. That being said Japan should continue to use nuclear energy because its benefits towards the economy and environment outweigh the benefits other energy sources would provide.
Japan has always been a country that has had a struggle finding sources to fill its energy needs. The islands of Japan never had the resources needed to create energy so they always had to spend a fortune on imports in order to get the resources they needed to provide power to the country. This is how the idea of nuclear energy for Japan came into play. Nuclear energy would provide a cheaper way to provide energy to Japan so that they no longer had to spend as much money importing all types of fossil fuels. All they would have to do was build nuclear reactors that would provide a cheap energy supply to help give power to the citizens throughout the country. Getting the citizens and government to agree t...

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