Japan And Italy : World 's Best Educated Populations Essay

Japan And Italy : World 's Best Educated Populations Essay

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Did you know that Japan has one of the world’s best educated populations? In this essay I will be speaking about the cross culture differences between two countries, mainly educational differences. The two fascinating, but immensely different countries that I will be speaking about is Japan and Italy. Japan’s culture grabbed my attention because knowing how strict and smart people are from there and how they take education serious really interested me. With the Italian culture their family unity is very close knit, and in Italy their arts, religion, and food is extremely important. Although Japan and Italy have differences they both still have a set of educational practices so that students can achieve a good quality of learning.
Japanese education is intriguing because it is one of the most important aspects of their everyday life. Rigorous examination is required to attend all public high schools, no matter the type of school or level. They also do not like the norm of how we are used to living, individuality is not accepted (Schmid). The two major religions in Japan are that of Shinto or Buddhism. Religion is not a big role played in everyday life for most Japanese people today (Japan Guide).
As you read Japan’s education is taken very seriously. In an article by Namiko Abe she states that “Japan has one of the world’s best educated populations, with 100% enrollments in compulsory grades and zero illiteracy. Also, noting that about 46% of all high school graduates go on to university or junior college (Abe).” Students are constantly doing homework even when they have breaks from school. They are hard workers and they are practically born to go to school and study most of their lives.
The reason I primarily chose to focus on ...

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...ur education system setup. I do not think that I would react any different if the United States took on any of the Italian school practices. The resemblance the both countries have there would not really be a change: other than having around two less school months, which would mean a longer summer vacation for students.
Although Japan and Italy have different educational systems they both are giving students a good quality education. Japan is strict when it comes to their lifestyle and education, but it results with Japan being one of the world’s best educated populations. Italy has a great educational system as well even if they are not as stern. I think it is amazing learning about how different countries view education and their values. This goes to show that each country and culture will never be the same as the other which gives us diversity in the world.

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