Japan And Germany During World War II Essay

Japan And Germany During World War II Essay

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Japan and Germany have both come a long way since the end of World War II and can now be looked as some of the greatest economic success stories. The change in economic ideology from both is drastic. Before the war, Japan was known for its militaristic run government. The empire that Japan had been building spanned Korea, Taiwan, and parts of China. This coalition was seen as a necessity to Japan as it prevented other countries from cutting off Japan’s access to raw materials, of which they could collect very little on their own. The emperor maintained a large and powerful military force to protect this notion. Their economy grew substantially in the years leading up to the Second World War but shortly after; it began to wipe out everything that Japan had been working so hard to build. Inflation increased substantially while industries were not able to produce enough to satisfy the war efforts as well as commercially. Trade was also significantly affected due to the damage that Japanese ships had endured. The economy had essentially come to a complete halt by the end of the war.
Germany’s fate was very similar. Following the Great Depression, Germany’s economy was in shambles. Unemployment hit an all time high of 30 percent in 1932. This gave Hitler the opportunity to step in as a leader for the country. Hitler’s totalitarian movement became known as Nazism. Many agree that this looked like some form of fascism. It included extreme militarism and a belief in the ruling of the elite class. The people of Germany looked to Hitler as their sole source of motivation and for the well being of the nation.
Japan’s current economic structure today can be described as a free market economy and historically they have come a long way. The ...

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...gative population growth, the labor force is shrinking as well which will hinder growth. Germany will need to implement important structural reform to curb the drops in population. These changes will need to address attracting skilled workers into the country. Germany also heavily relies on exports, specifically to the Euro-Zone. Germany’s trade success currently will rely on the stability and economic state of these countries. The current situation with Russia is not helping things either. Over six thousand companies do business with Russia and this hurts an export-driven German economy. Germany will need to build stronger trade relations with countries outside of Europe to strengthen their economic outlook. Right now Germany stands as the leader of Europe, possessing the largest economy and their future success will end up playing a major role throughout the globe.

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