Jane's Novel Comes to Life Essay

Jane's Novel Comes to Life Essay

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Jane adored reading. She sat on the bench of her mother's bay window to dive into a new world almost every evening. In the winter months, Jane wrapped herself in a blanket. During the summer, Jane opened the large windows to feel a soft breeze as she turned page after page. When she did not have school the next day, she read until she could not hold her eyes open. Jane fell asleep with her novel in hand, and her mother covered her with a blanket and kissed her forehead. On a particularly blustery day, Jane read until she slept. The novel in her hand had taken her to a far off land with towering monsters and brave knights.
In her sleep, Jane was certain she awoke. She was laying in a huge bed in a dimly light room. The satin comforter was think, and the bed posts were made of a cherry-brown wood. Jane stood and looked about the room. It was an extravegant room filled of immense size. Tapestries draped the dark walls. Some showed flowers and meadows. Others were scenes of great explorers conquering new land. A large dresser stood against the far wall, and Jane hurried to it. The drawers were filled with luxurious dresses and stockings. Lace topped the cloth of blue, pink, and kelly green. Sitting beside the dresser was a neat row of boots. They were black, brown, or white with buttons or laces up the back. Jane's gaze broke when she heard clacking footsteps approaching. She pulled out a light pink dress and white stockings and ran behind a dressing screen in the corner. When the door creaked open, a woman's voice called for Jane.
"Mistress Jane?" The voice was sweet and young. Jane called in response, "I'm dressing!" When she finished buttoning her dress, she emerged from behind the screen. Intricate lace lay flat on the collar, ...

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...ane hide behind larges bushes and watched closely to the activities. The town's men trained from sun rise to sun set. Agile men practiced speed and deception tactics while stronger men practiced weapon combat. Jane held sticks as a sword and mace. The army of men discussed strategies for victory, and Jane listened as closely as possible. Despite their efforts, Jane worried for the future days by sun down.
Afternoon of the following day, the ground shook. The Motten was afoot. Fifteen feet tall with shark-like teeth, the Motten destroyed its enemies. Jane awoke early to the screams of villagers, and the men were already preparing for battle. As the monster approached, the men moved forward, hoping to stop the Motten before it reached the town. Jane hopped on her horse and rode beside them. Master Worefeld ordered Jane to return to the castle, but she charged forward

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