Jane Goodall : The Connection And Compatibility Between Faith And Knowledge

Jane Goodall : The Connection And Compatibility Between Faith And Knowledge

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Can one person, one person out of the billions of people on this magnificent planet, really make a difference? There are over seven billion people living on Earth, each with a separate and unique purpose. Jane Goodall, one person out of the seven billion, knew her purpose from a young age, and dedicated her life to accomplishing it. In Reason for Hope, Goodall unearths the connection and compatibility between faith and knowledge, and shares her project with her readers. Jane Goodall was a visionary, and had a project so immense that it must be broken down into three subprojects: the effect of chimps on chimps in Gombe, the relationship between chimps and humans throughout her time in the scientific world, and the human on human connection in our past, present, and future.
A scientist does not necessarily need to obtain a degree in order to research and discover aspects of a particular species. Jane Goodall provides an example of a scientist who did just that. At the age of 26, Goodall began her experience in Gombe, with her mother, Vanne. She immersed herself into the chimpanzee community, and waited for them to trust her enough so that she could begin the observations she so desperately wished to make. Goodall is not a conventional scientist, and even she admits this. She was not interested in collecting just regular data on the community of Chimpanzees, she wanted to realize something more about them, and their relationship to the “white ape” or us, humans.
Goodall could finally begin her study once David Greybeard, one of the chimpanzees in the community, lost his fear of her and introduced her to his world. Traditional scientists disagreed with the way she went about her study. They did not believe that it was scientificall...

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...rth. This is the idea of “paying it forward.”
Jane Goodall’s life came from very humble beginnings. She was not very affluent, lived throughout many harsh times in history, and was not collegiately educated until very later in her life. However, she knew her project and she knew her purpose. She knew that there was a reason for hope, a reason that each and every one of us were placed on this Earth. Without Goodall, it is unknown how, when, or if certain laws protecting animal rights would have come about. Without Goodall, it is uncertain if the human race would have been educated about the detrimental impact we have on the environment. And, without Goodall, who would have discovered and taught us about our closest ancestors, and how similar we really are to them? This is why her project is significant, and why hope is a necessary aspect in our outlook on the world.

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