Jane Goodall 's The Saving Of The Chimps Essay examples

Jane Goodall 's The Saving Of The Chimps Essay examples

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Jane Goodall’s Journey To The Saving of The Chimps
Jane Goodall is an environmentalist who has led the idea of chimps to be gentle yet seemingly complex, she has grown up and devoted her life to study and learn the life of these kind animals and hopes to change the minds of people and other fellow scientists who don’t understand their equivalence to these creatures. Yes there are differences between chimps and humans, but who is to say they they do not feel pain or share the same kind of emotions as we do. Her life is dedicated to nature and wildlife. Since the past 60 years, Goodall continues to fight for the chimps conservation ( “ Life Achievements & Timeline”).
Jane Goodall has always had an interest in animals. When she was a young girl she would sit outside and observe the animals for hours at a time, Goodall observed animals from a young age. Once, she had sat for five hours in her family’s chicken coop to watch a hen lay her eggs. When she had finally decided to come out, Jane noticed that her parents were distressed and had called the police to report her missing (“ Ten Facts You Should Know About Goodall”). Time always passes by quickly when a person is lost in something they enjoy doing very much. She had the mind of a dreamer. She dreamed of traveling to Africa to look at exotic animals in their natural habitats (Jane Goodall ). Having a lot of time on her hands she could always go outside and pass her time by, she could teach herself about the animals she observed. Watching their actions and the way they interact with each other and other animals was always a very interesting hobby for young Goodall. She knew she wanted to grow up and take care of animals but once she graduated high school she couldn 't afford her...

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...duate degree she has come a long way ( Achievements & Timeline). Her first institute was founded in 1977 (Life Achievements & Timeline). While opening institutes she also published 24 books, 18 films, and countless inspirational speeches ( “Jane Goodall’s Journey”). She was named “Messenger of Peace by the United Nations in 2002 and “ Dame of the British Empire” by Queen Elizabeth II herself in England in the year of 2003. Receiving just those awards she has shown that she has accomplished her goal of wanting to show people the importance of chimpanzees. Her hard work was seen and rewarded.
With having her own institute and traveling around the world, with her receiving awards for her dedication, accomplishments, and hard worth, her goal has been made. She is still on her Journey to saving her fellow friends but she has opened the eyes of many in the United Nations.

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